Do you have a swarm?



Before you call:

Make sure prior to calling a Beekeeper that what you have are honeybees. Typically bees hanging from objects are honeybees. Honeybees can also be find in houses, buildings, and other sites they find ideal. However, we get lots of calls from folks thinking they have honeybees when in fact they have yellow jackets

Please refer the pictures below.

Yellowjackets are yellow, often bright yellow. They have a pinched waist between the abdomen and the thorax. Their faces are distinctive with bright yellow markings. They are bald. Their wings are more pointed than those of honeybees, and longer than their bodies.

Honeybees are many colors but usually amber or brown striped with black. Look carefully at the photos and you’ll see the honeybees are hairy or furry. The wings are rounder and about the same length as their bodies. They do not have a pinched waist and their face is not as evil looking. Their body structure may resemble that of a fly rather than a wasp.

Use these as a reference to determine what kind of swarm you have.

Please let the beekeeper know where the swarm is located, how long you’ve noticed the bee swarm and the approximate size of the bee swarm. Also, do not spray the bees or call an exterminator as beekeepers will not remove any honey bees that have been chemically sprayed or otherwise harmed! Call the beekeeper first!

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