About the Club

Some of the things La Crosse Area Beekeepers offer:

•  We nurture beginning beekeepers and support experienced ones with tested information and practices

•  Share information about problems facing bees and share solutions and experience
•  Help develop markets for beekeeping products
•  Be alert to all state and national laws related to beekeeping and the production and marketing of honey and wax
•  Promote understanding between the beekeepers of the state, the nation and the world
•  Promote public awareness of honey bee’s importance for pollination
•  Foster interactions with the other members of the agricultural community
•  Help develop programs for young people wanting to become beekeepers
•  LAXAB Newsletters
•  Mentor lists


La Crosse Area Beekeepers Leadership

President:  Paul Lewison

Vice President: Wayne Lamar

Membership Secretary: Ken Balts

Recording Secretary: Ken Balts

Treasurer: Jeff Bagstad

State Apiculturist: 



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